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SSTL’s DMC3 Constellation demonstrates 1-metre capability

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 19:47

The first 1-metre high resolution optical satellite imagery from the DMC3/TripleSat Constellation satellites has been released following the successful launch of the three Earth Observation mini-satellites in July and in-orbit commissioning and calibration by engineers from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL). Dave Parker, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency said, âCongratulations to SSTL on the acquisition of these one metre resolution images of our planet from the DMC3 constellation - a real demonstration of technical precision. SSTLâs expertise in small satellites plays a major role in the space sectorâs £3.6bn contribution to the UK economy through exports.â SSTL has already manufactured a fourth SSTL-S1 Earth Observation satellite for another customer and has a production line ready to deliver further satellites of this type.