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SSTL announces new Earth Observation data contract with Airbus

By [email protected] - 1st July 2019 - 16:03

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has signed a contract with Airbus to provide high resolution optical data from the SSTL S1-4, an Earth observation satellite that was launched in September 2018. Sarah Parker, Managing Director of SSTL said: “We are delighted with the performance of the SSTL S1-4 in orbit, demonstrated by the outstanding quality of the sub 1 metre resolution images. ” SSTL will retain ownership of in orbit satellite operation, and will lease imaging payload capacity to Airbus for the lifetime of the satellite, designed to be in excess of 7 years. The new contract will contribute high resolution panchromatic and multispectral optical data into the Airbus portfolio, which already includes image data from seven satellites manufactured by SSTL, the DMC Constellation and the TripleSat