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Specim wins coveted Red Dot design award

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 14:26

Specim wins internationally recognized design award with its new Specim IQ camera. The winning design was created in co-operation with Haltian Inc. and Mikael Heikkilä from Caasi Design. Judges particularly valued the deviceâs innovation and high-quality design. It was clear from the beginning that the Specim IQ design focus had to be on usability. Complicated information gathering and processing were to be hidden behind an easy-to-use graphic interface so that the user would get immediate results without knowledge of advanced mathematics. Red Dot design award is a clear indication that the right choice was made. This is the first time the coveted award has been given to a hyperspectral imaging device. âWe know hyperspectral imaging; now we wanted to wrap that knowledge into a more user-friendly package,â says Harri Salo, leader of the Specim IQ project. âAt the same time, we want to make hyperspectral imaging technology available to more people.â