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Specim releases first professional quality hyperspectral sensor range

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

AisaKESTREL pushbrooming hyperspectral sensor systems are built to the same strictest data quality requirements as SPECIM´s world renowned AisaEAGLE and AisaFENIX sensors, using the experience gathered through 20 years of track record in airborne hyperspectral remote sensing. AisaKESTREL provides the detection of vegetation, water or soil attributes of minute spectral differences. There are no alternatives in the market compared to the radiometrically and spectrally stable data and high signal-to-noise ratio, provided by AisaKESTREL in variable real world remote sensing conditions. Aircraft mounted AISA sensors brought GSD´s to 0.5-1m level. Now in this decade of UAV´s, the GSD barrier has broken down to 5-10cm level for the first time with professional data quality. Through SPECIM´s CaliGeoPRO preprocessing software, all image pixels are automatically georectified into true-orthoimagery with more than 380 spectral bands.