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SpaceX Transporter-8 to carry six satellites manufactured by Kongsberg NanoAvionics into orbit

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 08:22

Kongsberg NanoAvionics, a smallsat bus manufacturer and mission integrator, has announced that six of its manufactured satellites are going into orbit aboard SpaceX’s upcoming Transporter-8 mission. One of them, Tiger-4, belonging to telecoms operator OQ Technology, will expand the world’s first and largest 5G Narrowband-IoT constellation in low Earth orbit (LEO). The 6U nanosatellite is the fourth satellite manufactured for OQ Technology by NanoAvionics. The second one, a 16U optical Earth observation satellite named “GEI-SAT” is owned by Satlantis, a Spain-based developer and manufacturer of “Earth & Universe Observation” payloads for small satellites. The satellite is a precursor of a Satlantis’ remote sensing constellation intended to perform atmospheric CH4 measurements with high spatiotemporal resolution and simultaneous geolocation of source emitters.

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