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Solutions for problems with large NTv2 files in GIS and Geosoftware

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 13:58

KilletSoft provides solutions for problems with large NTv2 files in GIS and Geosoftware. With a new program and new features of GeoDLL, it is possible to copy from very large NTv2 files into smaller NTv2 files. The file sizes of the NTv2 grid files for large area Federal States are enormous and can be reduced. For example, the development by the Bavarian Surveying Administration, has a volume of more than 3.18 gigabytes. KilletSoft has developed a tool as part of its GeoDLL, which allows users to copy out a required area from a large NTv2 file by defining corner coordinates. The separated area is placed in a new NTv2 file that is much smaller than the original. Thereby all subgrids whose area intersects the given area are taken into account. The newly generated NTv2 file can now be used as usual in all geodetic programs and GIS.