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Smartphone Technology Revolutionizing Railway Maintenance

By [email protected] - 7th January 2016 - 16:56

Network Rail has rolled out more than 25,000 iOS devices to its workforce, with more than 18,000 of these across its frontline maintenance, operations, and safety and engineering teams. The introduction has helped modernise the workforce, banishing bulky and impractical paperwork and improving the performance and safety of those working on the railway. The paperless railway has been aided by the development of more than 60 unique mobile apps created in-house by Network Rail. The apps help provide staff with the latest technical data, GPS locations, and streamlined reporting. Gone forever are the cumbersome reference books, ambiguously located trouble spots, and rain-soaked paperwork that slowed the repair process. The ‘Where am I?’ app locates, within a few metres, faults and incidents for ground-based maintenance teams and emergency service units to respond to.