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Skyline Software Systems Releases TerraExplorer For Web V7.0

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 09:17

Skyline Software Systems Inc. has released TerraExplorer for Web v7, a lightweight 3D geographical information system, or GIS, viewer that enables the user to view high-resolution, stunningly realistic SkylineGlobe 3D content in a web browser, without any plugins. This latest version offers a simple, no-download, no-installation solution for online viewing and analysis of 3D environments. Building on standard Cesium support for imagery, elevation and KML layers, TerraExplorer for Web can display most spatial databases including 3D city layers (3DML/3D Tiles) and feature layers (WFS). TerraExplorer for Web integrates smoothly with the entire Skyline product line for easy access to data – from photo-realistic, geographically accurate terrain databases created in TerrainBuilder to PhotoMesh’s automated high-resolution, textured, 3D mesh models created from photographs, video and other sensors. Based on HTML5/WebGL standards, TerraExplorer for Web provides support for multiple platforms and browsers (Windows, Mac, Linux and more).