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Skyline Software Systems Releases Photomesh 7.2 With Full Motion Video Capability

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 09:21

Skyline Software Systems Inc. has announced the release of PhotoMesh v7.2. This latest version of the software offers new performance features including the use of Full Motion Video files during the production of 3D Geospatial Models. All popular video formats are supported. Additional improvements in the new version of PhotoMesh include an easy to navigate user interface, enhanced reconstruction of trees, solid surfaces and water bodies, and support for external aero triangulation results from industry standards (Inpho, Bingo and others). PhotoMesh incorporates breakthrough edge-extraction algorithms, noise removal, improved colour texturing, and optimized point cloud densification for the highest geometric quality. Utilizing revolutionary parallel processing techniques and accessing Cloud Web Services, Skyline can produce high-quality 3D models in a variety of different formats with unlimited scale, surpassing processing capacity of 1 million Megapixels per day.