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SITECO’s System for the Emilia Romagna Railways Inspection

By [email protected] - 1st July 2019 - 10:31

On behalf of the Emilia Romagna Railways, Siteco started a verification project of the clearance outlines of the regional railways, in compliance with the European Standards, EN 15273-3: 2013. For the railway inspection Siteco used the Road-Scanner4 Mobile Mapping system associated with the Rail-SIT software application, expressly developed to optimize the analysis and inspection activities typical of this sector. The combination of hardware and software allowed Siteco to provide the Regional Body with a complete solution. From the Mobile Mapping survey, the main geometric measurements of the lines were obtained automatically (3D-axis trajectories) and the key parameters (plane and altitude curvature radius, gauge and superelevation) easily identified. Rail-SIT then made it possible to automatically produce sections with the relating dimensions, cylindrical views, track plans, with the indication of the generated sections and curvature radius, besides reports of the interference analysis and the track geometry.