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Single Channel Pyroelectric Detector Housed in a 4 Pin Package

By [email protected] - 21st August 2018 - 11:31

In 2014, LASER COMPONENTS expanded its infrared detector range to include pyroelectric devices. A pyroelectric infrared detector responds to a change in IR radiation (heat) absorbed on its surface and they have a very wide spectral bandwidth. A pyroelectric crystal is distinguished by having an atomic structure that will move slightly in response to a change in temperature, rearranging the electric charge within the solid generating a voltage, which can be measured using a set of electrodes on the crystal surface. Pyroelectric detectors are characterised by much higher responsivity than other thermal detectors. The L210X2020 is a single channel current mode sensor with a split supply of +/-5 V. The device is housed in a standard T0-39 4 pin package. They have long expected lifetimes making them ideal for fit and forget application such as gas sensing, detecting intruders and identifying the presence of a flame.