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Sercel 508XT land acquisition system passes 1 million VP milestone in Saudi Arabia

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2016 - 12:22

CGG has announced the successful large-scale deployment of Sercel’s new-generation 508XT land seismic acquisition system on a high-productivity super crew conducting a seismic survey in Saudi Arabia. The system is currently deployed on a crew operated by ARGAS, CGG’s joint venture with TAQA, and achieved the milestone of one million VPs (Vibrated Points) in January 2016. The ARGAS land crew has been working in Saudi Arabia since October 2015, where it has consistently provided outstanding vibroseis production rates while recording highly accurate seismic data. Saad S. Al-Akeel, ARGAS CEO, said: “In addition to the direct benefits of its X-Tech architecture, the 508XT’s low power consumption combined with a requirement for less field units and batteries brings a significant weight saving, directly impacting our crew productivity and minimizing our HSE exposure.” The 508XT equipment is easy to manage with excellent reliability.