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Septentrio supplies AsteRx-m2 for Delair UX11 large-area mapping UAV

By [email protected] - 21st June 2018 - 16:22

GNSS receiver manufacturer Septentrio has been selected to supply its high-precision AsteRx-m2 GNSS OEM receiver module and PPK (Post-Processed-Kinematic) library for use with Delairâs UX11- a lightweight, BVLOS-ready fixed-wing mapping drone. The combination of on-board processing capabilities, real-time control, and centimetre-level precision make it the most cost-effective solution for large area surveying and mapping. The AsteRx-m2 is the best fit for the UX11. It delivers high-precision multi-frequency quad-constellation GNSS measurements for PPK for only 28g and the lowest power consumption of any comparable device on the market. The combination of high-quality camera images and GNSS measurements from the AsteRx-m2 allows Delair to offer its users PPK survey-grade ground precision down to 1 cm. With Delairâs PPK software, powered by Septentrioâs GeoTagZ PPK library, users only pay for the precision they need and on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis. Â