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Septentrio launches the AsteRx-i S

By [email protected] - 2nd October 2018 - 08:44

GNSS receiver manufacturer Septentrio announces the addition of the AsteRx-i S to its GNSS/INS product portfolio. The AsteRx-i S combines Septentrio’s compact, multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS engine with ultralight external industrial grade MEMS based IMU. Calibrated for wide temperature ranges, the AsteRx-i S delivers accurate and reliable GNSS/IMU integrated positioning to the cm-level as well as full attitude at high update rates and low latency. Key benefits for users: GNSS/INS positioning with 3D attitude heading pitch and roll Multi-constellation, multifrequency, all-in-view RTK receiver AIM+ interference monitoring and mitigation system, High-update rate, low-latency positioning and attitude, Small & ultralight IMU (10 grams), Robust calibration for wide temperature ranges. Designed around demanding requirements for size, weight, power consumption and temperature variation, the AsteRx-i S is ideal for various applications such as inspection with UAV’s, UAS photogrammetry, automation, robotics and logistics. “We are delighted to broaden our AsteRx-i GNSS/INS solutions range, bringing maximum flexibility and choice to our customers.” said Francesca Clemente Product Manager at Septentrio.