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Septentrio and Analog Devices Collaborate

By [email protected] - 25th February 2020 - 11:20

Septentrio, a provider of high-accuracy GNSS receivers, announced a collaboration with Analog Devices. The two companies are combining Analog Devices’ high-quality IMUs with Septentrio’s multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receivers. The resulting high-performance GNSS/INS systems deliver centimeter-accurate positioning together with 3D orientation (heading, pitch and roll), ideal for applications such as automotive ADAS and industrial automation. Septentrio will incorporate Analog Devices’ advanced industrial-grade IMUs into a selection of its GNSS/INS products. Working directly with Analog Devices allows Septentrio to provide faster and more efficient GNSS/INS integration solutions for high-volume customers. This collaboration promises a solid foundation for design and production of top-performance integrated positioning and inertial solutions, with first products available in spring 2020.