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SEOSAT-Ingenio: fully loaded

By GeoConnexion - 14th January 2021 - 12:11

SEOSAT-Ingenio arrived safely at the Guiana Space Centre, where it was then transferred to the Payload Preparation Complex along with its co-passenger, the CNES French space agency’s Taranis satellite. Since then, the dedicated team has successfully completed a series of inspections and health checks that confirmed the satellite is in good shape. This included several ‘leak tests’ where the propulsion module’s tank, valves and thrusters were tested at the ‘maximum expected over pressure’ to verify their performances. Since then, SEOSAT-Ingenio was transported to the Filling Hall where it was loaded with around 80 kg of hydrazine fuel and was pressurised with helium gas to avoid the sloshing of the liquid during launch and flight. The satellite was then switched on – confirming the successful completion of its fuelling.

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