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sensewhere Launches Visit Confirmation Platform for Mobile Attribution

By [email protected] - 17th May 2017 - 15:58

sensewhere Ltd. introduces a new level of mobile location context for advertisers, retailers and app publishers around the world. The new Visit Confirmation service is part of the adwhere™ platform for location-based advertising and can be used by businesses globally to attribute retail store or other venue visits. Using sensewhere’s patented indoor positioning system and adwhere services, sensewhere interprets complex layers of information using big data and delivers the service based on individual users entering a geofence and dwelling in the area for a defined period of time, ultimately triggering a visit confirmation and supplying detailed analytics, such as visit counts by user and by venue for statistical insights. Using accurate indoor maps from Micello, the system detects when locations are visited. In a typical retail mall, the confirmation accuracy rate exceeds 95% providing reliable results for mobile attribution and determining the effectiveness of mobile campaigns.