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senseFly eXom drone proved capable of producing millimetre accurate 3D data

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

While professional drones are commonly used today in land surveying and GIS applications, it is unusual to see UAVs (or UAS) employed on construction sites for highly accurate survey work. The senseFly white paper, named Generating highly accurate 3D data using a senseFly eXom drone, presents the results of two photogrammetric land surveys of a construction site. The project was completed using two senseFly eXom close mapping and inspection drones. The results demonstrate that 3D point clouds produced with an eXom quadcopter can reach a global precision comparable to that of a total station survey and, as such, meet the typical accuracy requirements of construction projects. All the flights were completed using the droneâs Interactive ScreenFly flight mode, and controlled using a handheld ScreenFly controller connected to senseFlyâs eMotion X flight planning and control software.