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senseFly & Air Navigation Pro join forces to reduce the risk of mid-air collision

By [email protected] - 22nd September 2016 - 08:34

Professional drone maker, senseFly, has teamed up with Air Navigation Pro, to launch Safer Together. This joint initiative has been designed to address one of the biggest issues facing the General Aviation (GA) and unmanned aircraft communities: the risk of mid-air collision. Safer Together will make the skies a safer place by providing GA pilots and drone operators with awareness of each other’s airborne activities, giving them the knowledge they need to take any actions necessary to avoid mid-air incidents around 200 – 400 feet (60 – 120 m) above ground level, where most light-weight drones currently fly. This initiative is fully in-line with senseFly’s recent involvement in Global UTM (UAS Traffic Management) and JARUS discussions. The project will be rolled out during 2016 in two phases: Phase 1: Drone awareness for GA pilots, Phase 2: GA awareness for drone operators.