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Scottish / UK Post Brexit Maps Now Available on Avenza Maps

By [email protected] - 21st April 2017 - 11:04

Avenza Systems Inc. is delighted to announce that updated political maps of the European Union (EU) are now available on the Avenza Map Store. After a sensational launch in Europe of the printed versions, map publisher XYZ Maps, is making the digital maps available through Avenza’s market-leading, award-winning mobile mapping app, Avenza Maps. Recently featured in the Scottish newspaper, The National, the standard EU 2019 - Post Brexit map shows the UK out of the EU. However, the map attracting widespread attention is the alternative Scottish EU 2019 - Post Brexit map as it shows an independent Scotland still a member of the EU, while the reduced UK of England, Wales and Northern Ireland are out. Ted Florence,President of Avenza Systems Inc. said, “We continuously support all of our map publishers who strive to improve maps for everyone.”