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ScientificAerospace and DroneMetrex Offers a revolutionary mapping technology

By [email protected] - 21st June 2016 - 13:42

Pioneering drone manufacturer ScientificAerospace together with mapping experts DroneMetrex have developed a unique photogrammetric mapping solution that will revolutionise the Geospatial Industry. Building on the advantages of ScientificAerospace’s industry-proven experience over eight years in six continents, their uniquely designed and technically advanced multi-rotor drone is a perfect synergy with DroneMetrex’s world-leading mapping accuracy technology to produce the world’s most accurate, safest and easiest complete photogrammetric mapping system, the TopoDrone-4Scight (TD-4Scight).

The TD-4Scight easily collects photogrammetric mapping data of unprecedented accuracy for rapid integration into a wide range of industries including Surveying, Urban Mapping, Civil Engineering, Mining, Agriculture, Bridge and Dam Wall Mapping, Post Disaster Mapping, Waste Management, Recycling and other industries. ScientificAerospace Managing Director Richard Pace said “The new mapping system is very affordable and it is easy to use without complicated setup. It requires minimal training and it is easy to transport,”