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Schneider Electric and ROK Technologies Partner to Help Utilities Migrate ArcFM and ArcGIS Systems to the Cloud

By GeoConnexion - 11th September 2023 - 19:30

Schneider Electric and ROK Technologies announced a partnership to deliver a comprehensive managed services offering to utilities to migrate ArcFM and ArcGIS systems to the cloud. Schneider Electric will implement the migration of ArcFM to the cloud, and ROK Technologies will implement the migration of ArcGIS, while providing ongoing management of both the cloud environment and the ArcGIS Software. The complementary partnership, with Schneider Electric focusing on ArcFM and ROK on ArcGIS, will deliver a more robust offering, featuring superior cloud solutions, to utility customers. The partnership allows utilities to outsource their GIS from an on-site environment to a new server environment on the cloud, allowing greater flexibility and cost savings while bolstering utilities with staff support and augmentation.

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