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SAFEmine Helps South African Mines Meet New Safety Regulations 

By [email protected] - 25th August 2015 - 09:12

South Africaâs Department of Mineral Resources is now enforcing new regulations compelling surface mines to enhance safety for all Trackless Mobile Machinery, (TMM) such as trucks. To meet the new requirements, South African mines continue to choose Hexagon Miningâs safety technology, SAFEmine. Central to SAFEmineâs appeal is its world-leading Collision Avoidance System, (CAS) which helps mines improve safety and efficiency, by protecting both human and mechanical assets. Via local distributor, Trysome, SAFEmine CAS is at work in more than 9,000 mining vehicles across South Africa. In recent months, five additional mine sites have committed to installing the new, fully compatible, third-generation SAFEmine CAS onto their fleets. SAFEmine CAS is proven to significantly reduce mining accidents and save millions of dollars by reducing the risk of business disruption and maintenance costs.

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