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Russia: Satellite Imagery shows whales held captive in Srednyaya Bay

By [email protected] - 1st May 2019 - 09:13

Satellite images show whales being held captive in Russia’s Srednyaya Bay amongst international outcries for the animals’ release. Reports say that up to 100 whales are being illegally held in small pens near Nakhodka, Russia. The collection of both orcas (killer whales) and belugas are likely destined for marine parks in China, according to Greenpeace. A criminal investigation has been launched as four Russian companies are being accused of animal cruelty and violating fishing regulations. Some animal experts are concerned that the whales may be showing signs of hypothermia as ice collects around and even inside the small pens. This can be clearly seen in the satellite images. “Very High Resolution imagery is being utilized internationally by both maritime surveillance agencies and animal rights groups to shed light on illicit fishing operations and aid in legal proceedings,” said European Space Imaging Managing Director, Adrian Zevenbergen.