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RuggON Announces the VX-601, the Rugged In-vehicle Terminal

By [email protected] - 17th May 2017 - 17:11

RuggON Corporation has launched the VX-601, which provides superb visibility from a large, bright, sunlight-readable touchscreen display; great durability; seamless connectivity and communications; as well as smart power management. The VX-601 is suitable for challenging environments and diverse applications such as intralogistics, cold chain logistics, waste management, mining, harbor freight handling, agriculture and construction. The VX-601 saves time and increases productivity with its outstanding user interface design. The ultra-bright 1200 nits display dims automatically in low light to save power and prevent eyestrain. Dedicated user-programmable function keys around the touchscreen provide instant access to important operations, including brightness and volume. RuggON specializes in rugged design, and the VX-601 is built from the ground up for durability and reliability.