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Rüppells Griffon puts Twitter on the map at CeBit Australia 2015

By [email protected] - 25th June 2015 - 11:41

Emerging geospatial analytics firm Rüppells Griffon stole the show at the recent CeBit Australia 2015 expo with its custom-built Twitter map. The web-based app showed relevant tweets in real-time on a world map, with a scrolling feed of tweets on the right, and a global map that visualised Twitter activity by geographical region. The Twitter app was built to give CeBit attendees a simple, real-world demonstration of how geospatial technology could be used to create an engaging, interactive display. âIt was a big hit at CeBit. We had a steady stream of people coming to our booth that wanted to see the Twitter map, and this provided us with a nice segue to talk about the rest of the geospatial services we have on offer. â said Ana Ouriques, Rüppells Griffonâs co-founder and director.