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RUAS and Bangor University work together to map ecostructures around the coastline of Wales

By [email protected] - 23rd January 2018 - 16:28

RUAS division are delighted to have recently partnered with Bangor University to work alongside them on a new project to map artificial and natural substrates at coastal locations across Wales. The project will raise awareness of eco-engineering solutions to the challenge of coastal adaptation to climate change. RUAS have joined them to help conduct a range of aerial mapping surveys at coastal locations in Wales where there is artificial hard substrate present, such as sea defences or coastal structures. Working in close partnership, RUAS will provide high quality aerial imagery and associated topographical information for sites around the coast of Wales for Bangor University to analyse. Using both fixed wing and multirotor drones, the project has been timed carefully to make the most of near-Spring low-tides and to ensure maximum visibility of all coastal structures.