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Road-SIT Survey v. 7.5 released

By [email protected] - 1st November 2019 - 10:55

SITECO Infomatica SRL showcased the Road-Scanner family of Mobile Mapping Systems and the new software release of Road-SIT Survey during the latest edition of Intergeo. Road-SIT Survey is the mobile mapping data application developed by Siteco, fully compatible with the most widespread mobile mapping systems like the Optech-Lynx, Riegl-VMX, Topcon IPS3 and Leica Pegasus, as well as the well-known Siteco’s Road-Scanner. Road-SIT Survey, v. 7.5, developed in collaboration with the Bologna University Computer Vision Lab, has been enhanced by integrating new advanced features and smart functionalities with regards to point cloud colouring, classification of planes, classification, line extraction and the addition of new filters.