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Riegl Wins 2018 Esri 3D Impact Award!

By [email protected] - 21st August 2018 - 12:41

RIEGL is pleased to win the 2018 Esri 3D Impact Award during the annual Esri User Conference.The award was presented to the company during the Esri Imagery Summit in San Diego, in recognition of a joint initiative that RIEGL and Esri have been working on: the LMAP initiative. “RIEGL understands what’s required to make 3D GIS come alive. Their sensors are revolutionizing the notion of a 3D image, and as a trusted Esri Partner, we are working together to ensure our common customers are able to create the map of the future.” stated Lawrie Jordan, Director of Imagery with Esri. The LMAP, or LiDAR Management Analytical Processing, initiative was designed to leverage Esri’s ArcGIS Platform to store, manage, acquire, analyze and visualize RIEGL LiDAR data. By leveraging Esri’s most advanced 3D technologies, new opportunities exist enabling better utilization of LiDAR collections in collaboration with an organization‘s existing geospatial data.