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Riegl user conference hailed a success

By [email protected] - 25th June 2015 - 11:41

Riegl acknowledged China as one of its fastest growing global markets by hosting its LIDAR 2015 conference in Hong Kong and Guangzhou during the same week. This new and innovative approach made the conference conveniently accessible to attendees from around the world.â©

For Johannes Riegl Jr, the company’s chief marketing officer, the result was gratifying and a source of much pride. “A record number of attendees, captivating keynotes, and fascinating presentations from more than 100 speakers added-up to a major success,” he commented. â©

As well as significant product introductions from Riegl itself, some 30 leading international geospatial companies presented their products and services as sponsors and exhibitors. “When coupled with the spectacular surrounding of Hong Kong and Guangzhou, it made for a remarkable industry event,” said Johannes Riegl Jr. “Attendee feedback had been amazingly positive and many will be wondering where our Riegl LIDAR 2017 conference will take us. We will just have to wait and see!” he added.â©

Flying highâ©

Riegl also took the opportunity to introduce new and improved hardware and software, not least its new VUX-1HA, VUX-1UAV and VUX-1LR high-performance LiDAR sensors for Kinematic Laser Scanning. The three models are optimised for mobile, UAV-based and airborne mapping respectively.â©

For airborne scanning, RIEGL’s new VP-1 ultra-compact helipod generated much interest as a user-friendly turnkey solution that integrates the VUX-1LR sensor, camera solution, IMU/GNSS and control unit. You can watch the project video on the RIEGL channel at YouTube. â©

Down to Earthâ©

Additionally, many improvements in terrestrial and kinematic data acquisition have been packaged in the latest releases of RiSCAN Pro 2.1 and RiACQUIRE 2.0 software.â©

The launch of new products, riveting presentations from Riegl staff and users, plus exciting evening events at both locations more than matched expectations and augur well for Riegl LIDAR 2017 – date and venue to be announced.

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