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RIEGL is Expanding their Airborne and UAV Sensor Product Range!

By [email protected] - 7th January 2019 - 13:49

With these latest developments and updates, RIEGL now offers sensors and systems to be used at low flight altitudes (generally met with UAV) starting with the miniVUX-1 – to new uses for medium flight altitudes used in large UAS/UAV/RPAS at high flight altitudes using manned fixed wing aircraft such as the well-proven VQ-780i Airborne Laser Scanner and the proven VQ-1560i Dual Wavelength Airborne Mapping System. The RIEGL VQ-480 II (Mark 2) and the RIEGL VQ-580 II (Mark 2) are especially designed for airborne applications at mid altitudes for use on both manned and unmanned aircraft. Based on the proven capabilities of their predecessors VQ-480 and VQ-580, they are ideally suited for corridor mapping, city modeling, and applications in agriculture and forestry. While the VQ-480 II is working at a laser wavelength of 1550nm, the VQ-580 II works at 1064nm wavelength– thus especially suited to measure on ice and snow.