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Remote Geo “Graduates” from Esri Startup to Silver Partner

By [email protected] - 1st October 2018 - 15:44

Remote GeoSystems, Inc. has become an official Silver Partner in the Esri Partner Network after successfully building their business as an Emerging Business Partner in the Esri Startup Program. Esri offers a unique Startup Program enabling the most promising emerging businesses to incorporate these innovations into their services and solutions. Now in its third year, the Esri Startup Program provides the ArcGIS software, online services, support, community involvement and training to kick-start product development or enrich existing solutions. Remote GeoSystems was one of the first accepted early stage startups into the program. “As a small technology company bootstrapping the development and innovative product sales efforts, access to Esri’s flagship ArcGIS platform and team support was invaluable,” said Jeff Dahlke, Managing Director of Remote GeoSystems. In their three years in the program, Remote GeoSystems was able to successfully develop and go-to-market with an array of geospatial video solutions.