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QuestUAV Joins Top Flight Beijing Topcon in Partnership for China

By [email protected] - 21st December 2016 - 16:28

QuestUAV Ltd and Beijing Topcon Business and Trade Co. Ltd. (BTBT) are very pleased to announce their partnership for exclusive UAS supply, along with training and maintenance support for all QuestUAV airframes across the Chinese market. Beijing Topcon (BTBT), one of the region’s foremost surgical and medical equipment providers, has also spent the last few years providing positioning and survey systems and has consistently sought out the highest quality and most capable units available. There is ever increasing demand for mobile imaging and survey instruments in China and BTBT feel confident they are well positioned to provide fixed-wing capabilities to some 10,000 potential users – backed by the production, training and service experience of QuestUAV. QuestUAV have already arranged for the first shipment of Q-100 DATAhawk and Q-200 Surveyor systems to China and BTBT are expecting to demonstrate them at fairs later in the year.