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QuestUAV – Drone Girls versus Drone Boys

By [email protected] - 20th March 2017 - 14:24

The face of the Drone industry is changing. Girl power is taking an increasingly important role in the Drone industry. It has long been proven that women have skill sets in engineering, training and project management that more than compliment their male counterparts. As a male driven hobby, it’s not surprising that men were historically at the forefront of the game. But as the Drone Industry has flourished it’s not surprising that girls have decided it is their frontier too. At QuestUAV they have a team of 20 people, almost a third of whom are women. Two of their staff are truly “Drone Girls” and fulfil roles on the flight team itself. Already the QuestUAV product including the DataHawk and Q200 Surveyor Pro is being flown by several female clients who have attended training at the QuestUAV UK based flight school.