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Qatar Rail applies Maptek Eureka software to geological investigations

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 14:49

Eureka modelling software from Maptek is being applied to the construction of a multi-billion transport infrastructure project in Qatar. The infrastructure project, managed by Qatar Rail, will create a rapid transit network consisting of light rail, the metro system and high speed trains between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Qatar Rail uses Eureka to view, analyse and model regional geological and GIS data. Within Eureka, data is amassed into a single, spatially coordinated database for creating detailed 3D geological and geotechnical structures – key for the planning of viable construction routes. “Eureka modelling and analysis tools allow us to investigate critical aspects in relation to the conditions underground and structures to be erected,” said Marin Griguta, Director Civil Works, QIRP Department at Qatar Rail. ‘We bring in CAD data, GIS (.shp) files, referenced and unreferenced images, borehole logs, downhole geophysics and recent seismic data to model within Eureka,’ added Griguta.