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PSDs - Fast and Accurate Position Detection

By GeoConnexion - 1st July 2021 - 08:38

Position sensitive detectors (PSDs) offer high accuracy (~2.55µm), excellent resolution and short rise times as fast as 30ns for non-contact alignment, position measurement/detection and machine vision applications. SiTek’s PSDs are available in wavelengths from 400-1100nm with a variety of options including one dimensional (single axis), two dimensional (two axis), specialist 3D arrays for contour measurement, UV, YAG and nuclear sensors. Application examples include railway bow measurement for fault detection, vibration monitoring, 3D contour measurements, bridge and tower construction, shaft alignment, robotic guidance, and a variety of machine vision applications. These PSDs can be used with the SEEPOS PSD processing tool to interface with any PSD and connect directly to a computer, complete with a LabVIEW compatible software package and data analysis suite.

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