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Proteus announces exclusive partnership with GeoSlam 

By [email protected] - 25th August 2015 - 10:13

Proteus has signed a distribution agreement for the Middle East region with Geoslam Ltd for the latest ZEB1 handheld laser scanning technology. Proteus will also provide laser scanning services globally with focus on providing a complete package, including scanning and modelling. âWe are very excited about this new offering. The ZEB1 laser scanner is revolutionary in its mobility, providing accurate data of previously difficult to survey locationsâ states Paul Crisp, Director at Proteus. Geoslamâs Neil Pollock adds âProteus was an obvious distributor, they are currently a recognised industry leader within the geospatial community and have the perfect experience to champion this innovative technology and enable itsâ successful resell.â The ZEB1 is a handheld 3D laser scanner, suitable for indoor, outdoor and underground use. It is lightweight and compact, providing the flexibility to capture detail wherever and whenever an accurate laser survey is required. â¨