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Productivity – the perfect focus for GeoCom18

By [email protected] - 22nd August 2018 - 10:30

Productivity is driven by complex factors, but it’s a fairly simple concept. It’s the amount of output per hour worked. At its simplest, it can be applied to every sector and organisation by asking, “are we working as effectively as we could?”

At the moment, our ‘Productivity Puzzle’ in the UK – the gap between productivity and actual performance – is larger than the rest of the G7, but we believe that AGI members are ideally placed to help solve some, if not all of this puzzle.

Productivity showcase

This year’s GeoCom – the AGI’s annual conference – is all about productivity. On November 8th, we’ll be at the RGS (IBG) headquarters in Kensington, London, with some of our industry’s leading productivity advocates. And, in true AGI form, we’ll also be introducing thought leadership from outside the sector, which should be invaluable to our commercial organisations as they try to steer a course for success.

We know that geospatial data, well applied, can support many businesses across the UK and internationally. H.M. Treasury notes that geo can support new products and processes; international trade; and new business models. The government’s backing for a Geospatial Commission confirms the appetite for more cohesion, more collaboration, and more productivity from our sector – and our Association’s ambitions have pivoted around helping to deliver on that aim for almost 30 years.

Untapped potential

Clearly, there are opportunities to build on current progress. But just think, what could be achieved if we realised the untapped potential of a world-class geospatial infrastructure for the UK? Greater productivity should also be possible by using geographic information in more efficient ways – or in ways that did not previously exist. And when it comes to innovation, there can be no denying that geo has an impressive track record.

We’re determined to further that discovery and development. At GeoCom, we’ll be asking some of the questions that still need answering before geo becomes an easily-integrated element of our productivity cycle. We’ll look at the strongest opportunities for a strong and thriving geospatial ecosystem; we’ll be hearing from both policy-makers and leading private sector innovators on their perspectives – and we’ll also be inviting you to join us on stage, to share your ideas, and tell us how you see geo being a piece in the productivity puzzle.

Make a date

Make a date now. GeoCom is our annual conference – it’s the event at which you can catch up with your peers, meet the people who’ll be shaping your work, discover what people NEED today from location intelligence – and, of course, plan a few ‘geobeers’.

Join us on the 8 November. Bring your own views on how we can solve the productivity puzzle together – we’d love to hear them…

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