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PlanetObserver Releases an all new 10m Global Imagery Basemap

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 10:34

PlanetObserver announced the release of PlanetSAT Global 2023, a base map that provides ready-to-perform, cloudless, and homogeneous imagery. PlanetObserver has done major improvements to their latest base map for 2023. Designed to offer a more comprehensive understanding of our planet’s terrain and geography, PlanetSAT Global 2023 now provides exceptional clarity and sharpness, capturing every nuance of the Earth’s diverse landscape. With realistic and natural colors, PlanetSAT Global 2023 offers an unprecedented level of detail, allowing users to zoom in and explore different geographical features with ease, from cityscapes to natural areas and industrial sites. By providing a better geographic context with every pixel. PlanetObserver aims to give users a deeper understanding of the Earth’s surface and its various features, ultimately improving the user experience.

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