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Pixalytics publishes its first book ‘Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing’

By [email protected] - 7th January 2016 - 10:05

The Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing provides a beginners guide to the world of satellite data, and was written by Dr Samantha Lavender and Andrew Lavender from Pixalytics Ltd. It combines Samantha’s 20 years of remote sensing experience, with Andrew’s non-expert perspective as he navigates the subject for the first time. The book is general how-to guide for anyone wanting to use remote sensing, and quickly guides inexperienced individuals through the principles and science, allowing them to undertake remote sensing at home with just a computer and free-to-access desktop software. The book is very practical with example exercises that walk readers through the process of finding, downloading, analyzing, and viewing environmental data. In addition, there are further exercises and a complementary website to support readers. The Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing is published by CRC Press.