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Pix4D launches viDoc RTK rover in the USA and Canada

By GeoConnexion - 26th January 2022 - 12:13

Pix4D, a provider of photogrammetry solutions, has made the viDoc RTK rover available for purchase in the USA and Canada. The viDoc rover and PIX4Dcatch solution can replace the need for cumbersome and expensive survey tools such as RTK GNSS rovers and terrestrial scanners for a fraction of the price. When paired with the PIX4Dcatch mobile app, the two products create a workflow that turns iPhones or iPads into an accurate terrestrial scanning device, with centimeter-accurate RTK positioning from your existing NTRIP network. PIX4Dcatch also takes advantage of LiDAR scanners in the latest devices, which are also leveraged during data capture and processing to improve scale and completeness. The result is a survey-grade tool in the pockets of professionals, replacing heavy LiDAR scanners and rovers.

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