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Pix4D launches fast-mapping software for emergency response and public safety

By [email protected] - 20th December 2019 - 11:27

Pix4D launched Pix4Dreact, a new 2D fast-mapping software tailored specifically to the needs of public safety personnel and first responders. Taking time to deploy and expensive to operate, aircraft and helicopters may not always be readily available or equipped to capture images. Drones are already used to provide powerful visual information that reduces response time and increases safety, but many lack fast-mapping capacity. Teams on the ground need quick and reliable aerial insights to plan and deliver successful operations in remote, complex and often unsafe environments. In response to this need, Pix4D has developed Pix4Dreact to be the optimal 2D fast-mapping desktop software for public safety, emergency management, humanitarian aid and disaster response organizations. Extremely fast and highly intuitive, its key purpose is to help improve situational awareness and effective response in the field when the unexpected occurs: natural disasters, fires, human displacement, missing persons, critical incidents and much

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