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Phase One Industrial Releases iX Capture 3.0 Software for Aerial Photography

By [email protected] - 23rd January 2018 - 16:31

Phase One Industrial has released Phase One iX Capture 3.0 capture, control and RAW conversion processing software, designed specifically for use with Phase One Industrial aerial cameras. iX Capture 3.0 offers a new user interface, post processing capabilities and advanced workflow to help speed the production of distortion free RGB and CIR images, with exclusive support for processing 190MP images. Setting up the camera is easier now with a well-organized display of essential information, including exposure settings, time interval captures, available disk space, GPS data and frame count. A new interface option enables users to choose different skins and font sizes to match the ambient lighting condition of the aircraft and to ease operation on multiple screen sizes and resolutions. iX Capture 3.0 contains all necessary tools in a single package to enable users to capture, organize and process images into industry standard formats.