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Phase One announces Auto Exposure Mode 

By [email protected] - 25th June 2015 - 11:41

Recently, Phase One Industrial introduced Auto Exposure mode, which is available on all Phase One aerial cameras and can also be controlled with the new release of iX Capture 2.0. When flying over different terrain such as forests, cities or snowfields, exposure adjustments are necessary to compensate for the different reflectance radiating from the objects being captured. Under these conditions, auto exposure ensures that captured images will have a uniform image brightness and colour. In unmanned missions using new UAV technology, auto exposure is essential as the UAV can quickly move across different types of terrain, forcing the operator to change exposure parameters. Auto exposure enables the pilot/operator to give full attention to controlling the aircraft, leaving the exposure control to the cameraâs microprocessor using the preselected priorities, range and bias that suit the operator. An image that does not require much correction is superior to one that has to be lightened or darkened dramatically.

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