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By [email protected] - 25th June 2015 - 11:41

IDV Solutions CTO authors new white paper on the Next Generation Command Center

Ian Clemens, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of IDV Solutions, LLC, has authored a new white paper on the Next Generation Command Center. The paper describes the critical role the Next Generation Command Center will play in organizations as they anticipate risk events and act to minimize their impact on safety, operations, and business continuity. âThis paper is geared toward leading organizations who are looking for the latest technology to enable them to maintain their market-leading positions,â said Clemens. âOne tool that will support them today and in the future is enterprise risk visualization, an actionable, integrated approach to risk management, which facilitates the fusion of global risk data, signals and systems, big data analytics, and geospatial visualization.â The white paper is available and can be downloaded from: