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PDF3D’s New PowerPoint Plugin Brings Interactive 3D to Live Presentations

By [email protected] - 21st June 2016 - 13:18

PDF3D have announced another new release for their popular free PDF3D in PowerPoint plugin, which enables users to easily add 2D and fully interactive 3D PDF files into professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for a richer viewing experience. The latest update to the plugin supports Windows 10, and Microsoft Office 2016. The developers have also added a new functional feature, which allows the presenter to embed PDF files inside a single PowerPoint file, making transport and archive much easier. As experts in 3D PDF conversion and interaction, PDF3D’s developers have used this intelligence in the design of the plugin to allow the presenter, user and viewer to navigate the 3D image from every angle, giving them the ability to zoom, rotate and navigate through 3D designs, data, simulations and scan results to fully explore the image at the click of a mouse or pad.