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PCI Geomatics Expands Business Partner Network in Central America

By [email protected] - 23rd June 2017 - 10:54

PCI Geomatics has expanded its business partner network in Central America with the appointment of Mattie Engineers, S.A. “We are pleased to welcome Mattie Engineers S.A. into our business partner network to address the needs of the Central American market. Having a local partner to address the geospatial information requirements in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and El Salvador will provide immediate benefits and opportunities for continued growth in these strategic countries”, said Freddy Paya, Sales Manager – Americas at PCI Geomatics. “Mattie Engineers S.A. has a wealth of expertise and the business acumen required to deliver our industry-leading products and services to the Central American market.” Nelson Mattie, Owner and Founder, Mattie Engineers said “We’re very excited and pleased to work with PCI Geomatics to expand our products and services offerings in Central America.”