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OxTS launches the next-generation RT

By [email protected] - 1st October 2019 - 15:03

The next-generation RTs feature a range of improvements and innovations that that make them easier to setup and use. Upgraded processing hardware and a new Novatel OEM7720 receiver boost the next-gen RT’s core functionality, while a host of new connectivity options and built-in features that simplify configuration and data extraction. Key to the enhanced ease of use of the new RT3000 v3 is the integration of the RT-Range Hunter processing engine, turning the RT device itself into a single-box solution for ADAS testing. With less hardware to install, reduced network complexity and less time spent troubleshooting, even the most complex ADAS tests can now be performed more quickly and with minimal fuss.

The next-generation RT products also feature a range of upgraded and enhanced connectivity options to further enhance ease of use, reduce set-up and configuration time and speed up data extraction.The addition of onboard Wi-Fi prevents the needs for additional cabling, allowing the RT unit to be installed in an otherwise out-of-the-way location without impeding data access.