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OxTS create the world’s first Locata+INS system

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:00

OxTS have successfully integrated a Locata receiver with their Inertial+ to create the worldâs first Locata+INS device-capable of achieving centimetre level accuracy where GPS systems fail. The Inertial+ series, first developed in 2008, was designed for users who had an external GNSS receiver already, but still wanted to gain the benefits of an inertial system. Locata is an innovative positioning system designed to complement rather than replace GPS, by addressing the issues and shortfalls of a Global Positioning System. One of the many benefits of Locata is that it enables positioning in environments where GPS is either marginal or unavailable. Instead of using signals from satellites, a network of ground-based Locata transmitters can be set up around any specified local area. As always, the Inertial+ allows Locata users to take advantage of their existing technology while enjoying the extra layer of measurements an aided-inertial navigation system brings.