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OroraTech Selects Spire Global to Provide Eight Satellites for Wildfire Monitoring Constellation

By GeoConnexion - 11th September 2023 - 18:47

Spire Global, a global provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services, has signed an agreement with OroraTech, the global provider of space-based thermal intelligence, to build, launch and operate an eight-satellite constellation dedicated to global temperature monitoring. Once operational, it will represent the first and largest constellation of satellites dedicated to tracking and monitoring wildfires. Each spacecraft in the eight-satellite constellation, which will be launched in mid-2024, will carry OroraTech’s proprietary thermal-infrared optical payload and data processing unit with on-orbit fire detection capability. The urgent data collected by the satellites will be downlinked via Spire’s ground station network and delivered to OroraTech through an API.

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